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maze sets live …

15. Oktober 2016 @ 20:00

Vernon D Hill

Vernon D. Hill aka. “Vernon D German (producer,keyboardist,songwriter musician,engineer,Studio owner)

In 1991 Hill opened a recording studio in Germany, near the French border. “That’s when I started writing,” he says. “In Europe they encourage you to express yourself more for who you are. They’re more into the artist thing.” In 1995, Hill later began collaborating with Mike Marshall from Timex Social Club, which led to a deal with BMG.Detroit living: After meeting with studio musician Alvin Moore prompted an invitation to RJ Rice’s studio,BARAK RECORDS where he worked as head engineer. He produced and recorded tracks for Slum Village such as “Disco” “Whats that all about”,Unisex, and engineered the 2002 hit Tainted coproduced tracks such as LaLa(Trinity)engineered and recorded tracks for Calvin Richardson CD “2:35pm” (engineered and toured with Slum Village, Phatt Katt,(Undeniable) Dwele,served as the band leader for The Family tree Tour 2001 with Slum Village,Phatt Katt,Phiff dawg and Mystic. Engineered for Slum village and The Roots on the Okay player tour 2001.. Lyricst lounge tour,and D’Angelo “Voodo tour”On Baker’s: Hill frequents Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, where he sometimes jams with childhood friend Regina Carter and bandleader Teddy Harris. “After I got done at the studio I went straight to Baker’s, because that’s where my roots are,” Hill says. “Every musician knows that if you want to find where the musicians are at, go to Baker’s.”His sound: Hill favors dramatic synth highs, swinging funk bass and melodic interludes over soulful vocals. “It’s time to put out my own album,” he says. The project, “The Other Side of the Glass,” will feature tracks by many of Detroit’s top soul and hip-hop artists, including J Dilla, T3, Elzhi, Dwele,Phatt Katt, Andreas(Dj Dez)and also new debut artists guitarist Andre Frappier,Vegas, Mushir, and Multi instrumentalist Jennie Laws.
with his new european project DubPunx “Triad Adventures in E Flat” Vernon is playing with his european side of his music, stayed tuned for release dates and info.

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Mandel Turner

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, Mandel Turner’s roots can be traced to The First Church of God in Christ gospel choir where his rich baritone voice was first discovered and nurtured. Later on the influences of early 80’s Club Culture and DJ’s such as Larry Levan, Tee Scott, Tony Humphries, further expanded the range to which his “musical voice” could be put to use. And thus a DJ was born. Emerging forms such as Disco and New Wave in addition to the more established genres of Rock, R&B and Soul opened his ears to the richness that is MUSIC and forever cemented his desire to become apart of this art form. If as shakespeare said, “All the worlds a stage”, then be it behind a mic or two turntables Mandel Turner is a true musician.

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It`s on you !
Dance Dance Dance …

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Andy Tex Jones


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doors: 20:00

free entry from 20:00 – 23:00

party: 23:00

no guestlist from 23:00


15. Oktober 2016
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