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sabbatt c-h-a-o-s

25. Februar 2017 @ 20:00

C – H – A – O – S


There will be a Movie showing at 9 pm .
concerts starts at 11:00 pm
Party at 1.00 am


Bising: Noise & Experimental Music in Indonesia
Indonesian noise, the largest scene of extreme and independent music scene is the biggest in South-East Asia. This documentary gives an extensive overview with numerous bands, artists and speakers, all from Jakarta, Bandung, Bekasi, Yogyakarta, and Tokyo, who freely talk about their own definitions and approaches to noise music.
Directed by : Adythia Utama, Riar Rizaldi

BISING: noise and experimental music in indonesia





AIT!(Italy) first show in Berlin

AIT! is the one-man band of Tairy Ceron, an italian artist active in the industrial-music area since 1997, when he started recording death-industrial music releasing several albums as “Today, I’m Dead”, produced by the cult label Slaughter Productions.
In 2002 He stopped that project and created AIT!

AIT!’s music is uneasy to be labeled, due to its many and different musical styles, including electronic, experimental, noir-folk, spacy-lounge, punk, and more…yet always reviewed and interpreted with a distinctive industrial and very dark key.
After the highly acclaimed album “Romanticismo Oltranzista” (2007), AIT! has not released new albums and also chosen not to play concerts for many years.
After a long silence, the long awaited new album titled “Harmony”, has been released the last 15th September, (in a strictly limited edition of only 150 copies….sold out in few days).

Recently he has played a couple of selected gigs, performing only new songs from the album “Harmony”, according to people present at those concerts, the new songs are quite different from the previous works, and also the approach on stage is considerably mutated….. hermetic and distant, these the keywords to describe Ait! today.

(DE Industrial Experimental)
Founded in 2007 in Germany from Enrico S., MDS51 combine industrial elements, deep dark sounds, distorted vocals and illustrates his massive and noisy world with striking video projections. MDS51 are currently working on their new album.
Enter this large industrial factory, let the pounding of the machines and the hissing of the valves dictate the beat…


Performance by

Stefano Taiuti


Dead slow ahead


Mehringdamm 61
Berlin, Berlin 10961 Deutschland
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