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ABGESAGT – beb.welten

20. November 2019 @ 20:00

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tut uns wirklich leid …

wir haben da ein wasserproblem … das macht eine öffnung heute leider unmöglich …


Beb.Welten spinning a 7hr solo set.

Since 2012 Beb.Welten is well known for his warm-up DJ sets at the Holzmund events, strictly vinyl, and always setting the right tone. At Maze we can witness how to bring this style to the next level: forget about the 4/4 beat benchmark, but be prepared for a cinematic-like trip, balanced and stretched, ranging from atmospheric ambient and noisy soundscapes to technoid atmospheres, full with far away droning basses, sometimes dubby chords or minimalistic and unexpected rhythms.

At Maze we found just the right lounge location for this unique musical format, providing a good soundsystem, comfortable couches and the perfect bar



Mehringdamm 61
Berlin, Berlin 10961 Deutschland