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I S C presents: jam & solo performances

23. Februar 2018 @ 20:00

Experimental Synthesizer Music Jam Session, don’t matter whether it’s Analogue or Digital.
Hosted by Robin Burke & Anna-Maria Van Reusel (music) and Andy Hinrichs (visuals)
Full Lineup will be update as the week progesses. If you’d like to play, please contact Robin, Anna-Maria is too busy this time around. Sorry but this is not an open “cum-bye-ja” around a campfire jam for anyone & everyone to join in 😉


Stampf! (Rübezahl & Malikah; DIY Synth, flute & Tap-dancing)

Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos
Ernesto Cárcamo Cavazos is a Mexican experimental composer and guitarist focused on rhythmic perception and timbre construction through microtonal interactions, feedback systems, and sympathetic resonance. His music has been described as careful yet obscure in intent, where masses, sparse dribbles, loudness, silence, harmony, and noise convolve to compliment and contrast one another. Often giving rise to subjective instrumental narratives, the performances can be highly personal, and where all interpretations are valid experiences of the music.

Eugenio Acrartep
Eugenio Petrarca is a music explorer and composer. He graduated in Sonic Arts at the Saint Louis Music College in Rome and is currently based in Berlin. Together with Roberto Di Ciaccio, he founded Ab uno, an immersive full-body experience that recalls ancient populations in their own natural environments, twisted with a dark and psychedelic touch. Attracted to ambient and meditative music, his performances include the use of modular synths and other electroacoustic machines, although he does not hesitate to explore new sounds such as audio samples of the exotic places he has visited. Sensorial experience and lure of the nature are the elements that complete his set, bringing the audience back to ancient and far away lands.

We have some simple rules or guidelines:
This jam will sound like an audio voyage through Jupiter’s earth size storms, space canals of cosmic stardust & peaceful seas of liquid oxygen & nitrogen.
Minimum 2 people & a maximum of 4 or 5 jamming at the same time.
No silent pauses, this may be broadcast on local radio & TV so no “dead air” please.
There’ll be a 16-channel mixer. Please bring reasonably long cables to connect to it just in case your not beside it.
We can or will sync with each other using midi or clock signals but I definitely insist that there will NOT be a constant 909 kick drum for hours at the same repetitive 4/4 rhythm and 120bpm default tempo! This is not a Techno or House jam 😉
If you can sing then please bring your voice, rhymes & melodies, a mic & optional FX like a Kaoss Pad.
Any questions or thoughts, please ask as we’re all about listening 🙂

The venue opens at 8pm and the musicians will only set up after this but feel free to come by & chat with us or enjoy the music as there’s always something playing. We may open with a solo act or duo performing around 10:30 to 11pm with the jam beginning at 11:30pm and ending by 4am at the very earliest.
Entry is Free so please tell your friends (especially the ones who can’t afford Berghain!!!)
2€ extra for your first drink goes to the artists, they’ve got to cover their travel costs 🙂