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room of colors I free souls

18. Oktober 2019 @ 22:30

❥ DJ’s Lineup ❥


Marion Cobretti

Raphael Hofman

Discult Soundsystem

Psycho & Plastic (Live)

❥ Performers Lineup ❥
Stand-up Comedy:
Liliana Velasquez M.

Drag show: Showcase by The OTHER Lab
Sabine Jay
La Paposs
Sofia Turnter
Very Confuced
Madame Eve

Opera Burlesque: Showcase by Sirens of Opera Burlesque
Diva D’Lucious
Hexa Royalé
Punky Wonderland
Ginny Sapphire

❥ Specials ❥
Face/Body Painting & Glittering:


“Freedom can have many interpretations, and for many, individual freedom begins with individual expression. Creating a space in which freedom and self-expression are welcomed is probably one of the most important tasks of any night-life scene. We in Berlin certainly have it easier than others. We live in a city with countless amount of creative individuals and dozens of venues that welcome us night creatures and our shenanigans.

After an unforgettable (or better yet: forgettable) launch at Loftus Hall, the Room of Colors pursues a new adventure and goes west, onto the greener part of Kreuzberg. With its unique structure and mysterious vibe, Maze accepted our colorful concept and offers us a perfect setup for hosting our musical and our performance program. Top notch DJs join drag queens, burlesque artists, stand up comedians and makeup specialist for a wild circus of creativity.

Once again, we invite you to explore your individualism with us, to engage with our content and to re-discover your own personal freedom”.

Doors open: 22:30
Show starts: 23:00

Tickets at the door and online:
Tickets an der Abendkasse und im VVK.:
click here

Stay colorful / Bleibt bunt ♥