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März 21 @ 20:00

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“…Humans think that because conceptual thought exists, it can be expressed by an object. However ideas and objects exist not on top of each other but side by side. In art I detest such seemingly dignified terms as “Conceptual art.” What allows such terms is the premise that idea can be expressed by a visible object or event. Art that flaunts idea is not necessarily conceptual, nor does it represent an initial thought. So long as human thought moves in a vertical manner, the artist is unable to match up the cognitive and representational functions because humans possess a manner of thinking that can be repeated independently of time and space…The roots of materialism and structuralism date back ages. Because they have been called by different names, we have paid little attention to them. Human action is based on repetition. Why is it that in the midst of doing the same thing again and again, one comes to believe that he does it for the first time and won’t repeat it again for the rest of his life? Because humans do not use an act to establish a meaning; that is, because an act only proves the act itself. It is a concept akin to “sound.” The space that a single person possesses over his lifetime constitutes a zone of time that flows not vertically but horizontally. One can certainly memorize various events from the past. However, that proves nothing. One memorizes only his act of memorizing. When we had to break down the concept of an object with the object, what we did was to let “it” be known with minimum human intervention. Only when we clearly recognize a tree as a “tree” and soil as “soil” can we grasp the object for us to break down. In doing so, we create an artificial nature that the human brain can freely manipulate from the nature in which human consciousness is immersed… If things can maintain their extreme states, there must also be other relative states they should absolutely never take. The greater the difference between the two, the greater sense we have about the directionality of things to transform into something else. Things can leave a state in which there is something and enter a sensory dimension in which there is NOthing…”

Kishio Suga “The Start of Disappearance.”

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