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teenage engineering – the lsb session

4. Mai 2018 @ 20:00

20:00 h OP-1 demo / performance, günter rolle
21:00 PO (metal series) demo / q&a
22:00 OP-Z demo / q&a
23:00 performance one
23:30 performance nedavine
midnite to ??:?? : freestyle psychedelic jam
feat. Dr Twist / 10cars (liquid sky berlin / #lsb27)
Steve Baltes (sonic sales / lsb)
Twin Peetz / #danielkatzenstab / Pierrot Premier
& t.b.a.
after jam: psychedelic clubby tunez with
Sheldon Drake & #danielkatzenstab
& t.b.a.

visuals: Andy HprScl3 & Dr Walker / Asbest

live stream in da interwebz
from midnite to 4 am: live broadcast on radio ALEX Berlin ukw 91,0




Imaginary Radio Stations transmitting from the Stage room.

Evano / CP-AK / 1983




Erica Synths / Ninja Tune / Liquid Sky Berlin – #lsb02 & Maze Kreuz Berg
The Rise Of The Zen Delay

Matt Black (Coldcut / ninja tune) and
Dr Walker / Asbest (liquid sky berlin / Force inc. / Lucidflow / maze)
with the first on-stage appearance ever from the mighty “zen delay”
KODEK (live) (erica synths)
Marta SmiLga (live) (erica synths)
Multilux (live) (erica synths)

special feature guest:
Dan Snazelle from SNAZZY FX (live)

HprScl3 (Liquid sky berlin)

erica synths vs the zen delay crew vs snazzy fx vs liquid sky berlin
a superboost special
this gonna be fkkn mad!
and again: free entrance