introducing Mad Max

DJ Mad max began his official DJ activity on 8th February 1983 in 370 Club in Pforzheim/Germany. There he played all styles of the music as a resident DJ to 1985: Funk, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, New Wave, Punkrock, Electro, Soul, House and Classics. 1985 he spent equivalent 4 months long the whole summer on Ibiza, which he repeated 1986 and 1987. Thus he was considerably coined, which is again-reflected today still in his tribal percussion in his own productions. Also when presenting one very often hears the percussiven elements with him. In march 1988 he moved then to Barcelona as a resident DJ in the “Fibra Optica Club”, in order to then further-tighten in July 1988 to Sitges into the 8,000 persons seizing open air discotheque “Atlantida” as a resident. In this time the recorddealer came from Chicago and Canada to Spain to supply the DJ’s with newest House and Acidrecords. When Mad Max returned then in the autumn 1988 to Germany, it struck him into the province to South Germany. There he became resident in Sigmarigen until 1991. He went back to Pforzheim building a discotheque back after for a large entrepreneur and to lead. Max one built thus the “Opera club” in Pforzheim and organized there also Parties with Sven Väth, Paul van Dyk, Gloria Gaynor live, Vitamin X, and much more besides. In this year he therefore had no time to play as DJ. But it changed as a resident DJ in the year 1993 into the new “Opera” to Leipzig, where it was also responsible for the Booking and the advertisement. There he played regularly on Saturday to July 1997. In February 1994 it began for the first time also as producer and moderator of the Technomusikshow “Stunde Null” (Zero Hour) with Radio NRJ Saxonia. Until December 1997 Mad Max produced altogether 146 transmissions live, among them with guests such as Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Dr. Motte, Hatch Slater and many, many more. Already 1995 Mad Max became also monthly resident DJ in the Tresor Berlin. In January 1998 he changed to the label “Tresor Records”.

@ Friday, 22.01.2016 Mad Max will play in our venue from 23:00 at the blümerant-party, together with Sebastian Klenk and Patrick Franke