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beb.welten – 7hr solo set

be prepared to take a cinamascopic trip …

dreikantholz – elektronische livemusik

wounder // elca // opitz … all night long

too many walls & not enough bridges

This time 10cars and Mijk van Dijk welcome Izzie Newton for a live set – session …

electro open stage

there are only for 3 rules:
1. No DJing! – the music has to be live
2. No acoustic instruments – unless they are digitised
3. No complex setups – must be able to connect to a DJ mixer

beb.welten at maze

forget about the 4/4 beat benchmark, but be prepared for a cinematic-like trip, balanced and stretched, ranging from atmospheric ambient and noisy soundscapes to technoid atmospheres, full with far away droning basses, sometimes dubby chords or minimalistic and unexpected rhythms.