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cdm cues: infinite livez, DJ / Morgiana HZ

You come, have a drink, meet other like-minded musical explorers. We bring guests and talk and listen to them play and jam together. More musicianship, more discussion. And we usually have some new music to spin, too.

AtaLi – Cocktail Party Effect/Machine live

The “cocktail party effect” refers to humans’ ability to pick one sound out a bunch of them, which, for instance, allows us to tune into a conversation at a noisy party.

liquid sky berlin #lsb02

experimental lounge, art gallery, trippy a/v

Drummachine.Berlin´s ’10 Drummachines Drummin

drummachines and effect pedals live jamsession

I S C presents: jam & solo performances

Experimental Synthesizer Music Jam Session, don’t matter whether it’s Analogue or Digital.