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ANALOGmusiq presentzzz: liquid wax

ANALOGmusiq hostzzz this special event series on every first Thursday of a month as your perzzzonal toolroom to DROP in and OUT. You can smoke CIGARETTES and soap. SPACE drinkzzz aggregated with LOVE. No dresscode, but feel free to FLOAT.

ANALOGmusiq presentzzz: DEF release

All electronic music is played live – as usual at famous #lsb02 – but more and deeper TECHNO and even more DANCING.

warehouse accident

your preparation toolkit to drop into first weekend’S PARTY. All electronic music will be played live – as usual at #lsb02 – but moore and harder TECHNO and even moore DANCING.

starter kit – dan bay release

From September 2018 ongoing, ANALOGmusiq will host the 1st Thursday every month …

Discontinuous Reverberation Polyrhythmics

a thursday nite special …